Absence … Did it make the heart grow fonder?

Yes, I’ve been gone too long, because of circumstances beyond my control. So here I am, ready to kick-start my blog again and hoping you’ll forgive and not forget.  I’ve been thinking about the ways I work as some friends and I have made the effort to start a once-a-week “makkin” afternoon, as they say in Shetland. This is a relaxed, enjoyable get together with food and crafting with friends who all have different talents. We are learning from each other, taking time to get to know each other better and support each other through some trying times whilst focussing most of our energy and attention on making beautiful things. There may be times when the food and conversation take over completely and no “makkin” gets done. That’s ok because on the whole we are taking time to broaden our minds and that can’t be rushed.

Obviously we are all finding there are some types of art and craft that suit us better than others and that is fine, but we are all enjoying ourselves and singing something that we can enjoy and do well. This is an eye opener as we are a mixed bunch – varying greatly in age, background, experience and self-confidence.  Of course your confidence in creating art often depends on how your early efforts were received by your peers, your parents and, importantly, your teachers. It only takes a careless remark when some child hands you a drawing to let them think for the rest of their lives that they can’t draw, or paint, or make things.  It doesn’t hurt to encourage people and find something wonderful in what they’ve created.  We all have a forte of some kind and there are as many ways of being creative as there are stars in the sky.

We made this … After delicious home-made soup, garlic bread, fancy coffees and home-made biscuits! Pictures made with wool roving


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