A Sketch A Day


Something that was raised by a member of the Wikd About Art club when we met yesterday was that she intended to do a sketch every day. Now I’ve been preaching this for ever but have I been doing it? No, of course not. Life gets in the way. However I am filled with renewed commitment and even though I was busy on a big canvas all day, and working on a watercolour under the daylight lamp last evening, I still took time to do a quick sketch. Here it is. Not very good. That’s the point. You get out of practise and the only way to keep your hand in is to draw every day. On this one the relative size of the chair to the cat is all wrong, but my sketches will get better, and so will yours if you practise.

I do sketch when I’m out, but not regularly enough, so I have made a point of putting a lovely small sketchbook I got for Christmas into my handbag and I’ll make sure I have , at least, a drawing pen  (fine or medium), and / or a mechanical pencil, so I don’t need a sharpener. Of course, for me a mechanical pencil is not ideal, it’s too fine and too light, but I did manage to find a pencil that took larger leads (I think it was a 0.7) plus spare leads. It still only gives the lightest of marks, so if you can manage to carry a 2B (B = black) and, say a 6B (very black), plus a sharpener, that would be even better. To be honest, I usually choose the pen anyway, because I like the freedom that a pen gives. You have to just go for it and not worry too much about mistakes as you can’t put them right anyway, so it has the unexpected effect of lessening the pressure to get things perfect. It turns me into a mad scribbler and I love that.  In a way, drawing with the tablet gives me the same freedom and you can maybe see the difference in confidence between the pencil sketch above and my tablet drawn cartoon here.


“Shetland ponies can often be seen sheltering each other’s faces by pressing their heads together in really bad weather and it always makes me smile”

Anne B

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Anne B




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