Pounds of wobbling fat that I want rid of

Yes, I was in the shower this morning, checking this out and suddenly, for no apparent reason, started thinking about the leader of the Free West. I had a moment of clarity, in between bouts of disgust and despair, and suddenly realised the way he’ll exit. Something will happen which makes him realise he has to go before he ‘s found out, impeached, or disgraced (what would  it take to do that for goodness sake).  He will get some quacks to sign him off on mental and physical strain, (no-one will ask for proof as we ‘d just be happy to see him go) and he’ll say he’s leaving for his health and to spend what time he’s got left with his family. How delighted they’ll be.  

He will blame it on the stress caused by the ones who are protesting, standing up to him, and mocking him. So he’ll leave to a happy ‘retirement’ still pulling all the strings of his puppet family pretending to run his businesses and he’ll have a great time playing golf and getting fatter off all his adoring fans at Mar-el-Lago who will fall over themselves to be seen with the ex-President. 

So he will have achieved everything he wanted, made himself even more millions, his wife won’t have to be seen with him ever again looking totally repelled by him, and he will leave the US with a Cabinet and White House full of racists, white supremacists and mysogenists who think women are there to look good but don’t have anything worthwhile to say.  So unless there’s a serious epidemic of man-flu that wipes them all out (and I include his Education Secretary and Press Officer/Campaign Manager in this), we are stuffed either way.  And don’t get me onto Theresa May, Brexit and the NHS.


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